My first blog!

Hi! My name is Indigo!

In 7 days I’m heading to Brazil. I thought it would be best to hop on here and show some of my thoughts into the lead up to the big day.

I am most excited about the people and the culture. They seem like such happy and thoughtful people, rich in family values and love, it just seems so inviting and happy.

I think I’m most nervous about the language and starting a new school. I’ve started new schools many times but there is still that bit of fear and nervousness in me every time but they all end up being great in their own way. The language might be a struggle just because I don’t think there are many people that do speak English from what I’ve heard but that just means I’ll have to fully immerse myself and buckle down.

I’ve been in touch with my first family a lot, more specifically the daughter. but I have contacted the other families before. The daughter of the first family’s name is Julia and we get along really well, the sad thing is though she is also going on exchange 10 days after me to Australia. She will be in the same district, 9685, but in Katoomba.

I’m hoping that exchange will make me a stronger and more confident person.

Here I come!